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1、Load an ad#

  • Developers can preload ads before displaying them.
  • TpBanner is a ViewGroup, the size and position can be customized, developers need to add TpBanner to the specified position.
  • Create an advertisement object TPBanner, some advertisement platforms require acitivity to be passed in, otherwise the advertisement cannot be loaded successfully
TPBanner tpBanner = new TPBanner(activity);
tpBanner.setAdListener(new BannerAdListener());
// It is recommended to use FrameLayout. If you use LinearLayout, you need to set layoutParams while addView

2、Show banner ad#

  • After the ad is loaded successfully, TP will add the ad directly to the TpBanner without calling the showAd() method;

3、Destroy an ad#

  • After the ad does not need to be displayed any more, you should destroy it:
tpBanner = null;

4、Register Ad Event Callback#

  • Note: Don't perform the retry loading method ad in onAdFailed callback – it'll cause a lot of useless requests and could make your app run slowly.
tpBanner.setAdListener(new BannerAdListener() {
@Override // Callback when the first ad source is loaded successfully;A load will only be called back once
public void onAdLoaded(TPAdInfo tpAdInfo) {}
@Override // Banner ad clicked
public void onAdClicked(TPAdInfo tpAdInfo) {}
@Override // Banner ad appears on the screen
public void onAdImpression(TPAdInfo tpAdInfo) {}
@Override // Banner ad failed to load
public void onAdLoadFailed(TPAdError error) {}
@Override // Banner ad closed
public void onAdClosed(TPAdInfo tpAdInfo) {}


  • We recommend that you use the BannerActivity to understand the use of the SDK.